Draft Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document

Ended on the 19 January 2023
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Early Years, Childcare and Education


Provision or contributions towards education facilities


E1. Developers should refer to ECC's latest DGIC for guidance relating to education contributions, which incorporates early years and childcare, primary, secondary, post 16 and Special Educational Needs, and school transport.

E2. Developers should also refer to ECC's Garden Communities and Planning School Places Guide which provides additional detail pertinent to larger developments including non-financial obligations regarding the environment around schools.


Policy PC11 is clear that developments that generate a need for additional education facilities should make appropriate provision for their timely delivery as part of the development or through financial contributions if appropriate and in accordance with ECC's DGIC.

ECC's DGIC provides information on education contributions including how to calculate demand from new housing development and additional requirements for education sites and the surrounding environments. It also explains ECC's statutory responsibility to make suitable travel arrangements free of charge for eligible children, which depending on the location of a development, may require a developer contribution.

Policy background

Policy PC11: Education Facilities

Site specific policies

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