Local Plan 2015-2030 Preferred Options for Consultation

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Local Plan 2015-2030 Preferred Options for Consultation

S3: Job Growth and Employment Land

Representation ID: 673

Received: 02/10/2013

Respondent: One Property Group Ltd

Agent: Phase 2 Planning and Development Ltd

Representation Summary:

The proposed growth option is supported over the identified alternative growth options. New employment land is essential to support growth in the Borough, particularly given the low levels of employment land in recent years, and as a consequence the proposed growth option should be considered flexibly and job figures treated as minimums rather than as targets. Policy should be amended as follows:
The word 'minimum' added before '5400 additional jobs' in the policy text, with 'Total' and 'Indicative' replaced by 'Minimum' in the table headings, and the word 'minimum' replacing 'total' in the final paragraph.

Full text:

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