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Local Plan 2015-2030 Preferred Options for Consultation

2 Wates Way Industrial Estate, Ongar Road, Brentwood (003) - (128 dwellings)

Representation ID: 1439

Received: 10/09/2013

Respondent: Coldon Engineering Co Ltd

Representation Summary:

Our Business has been operating here since 1980. We employ 25 people and contribute to the local economy. Should this plan go ahead we would lose our highly skilled workforce.

Full text:

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to register my opposition to the local plan, with regards to the Wates Way Industrial Estate.
We have been here since 1980 employing, at the moment, 25 local people of which two apprentices have just joined us.
Although I realise that homes must be built for our ever expanding population, but surely at this present time employment must also be considered.
I have investigated a number of options, should this plan be adopted, but it seems we would have to move out of the district.
Our high-tech production for satellites, aircraft and defence can be based in any area but we would lose most of our employees which would be a disaster as they are all highly skilled people that cannot be replaced. The apprentices are also enrolled to start their 4 year college course next week.
We also contribute to the local economy as everything we do and require has been based locally for all our employees needs, (food, petrol Taxis etc) including courier services to deliver urgent requirements both to and from the company more or less every day.
I trust you will take our views into consideration when looking at any planning application.


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